1. Just dropped off some Portra 400 120 medium format film, urban landscapes on my Hasselblad. Has been a lot of fun framing with the waist finder, composing as a square, and slowing down. Excited to get them back! :)

  2. Berkeley, 2014

  3. Berkeley, 2014

  4. Berkeley, 2014

  5. Berkeley, 2014

  6. Berkeley, 2014

  7. Berkeley, 2014 #vsco

  8. Absolutely incredible educational book: “Road to seeing” by Dan Winters, phenomenal #buybooksnotgear

  9. "Based on a True Story" by @davidalanharvey - one of the most innovative photo books I’ve seen in a long time #buybooksnotgear

  10. Starting to shoot medium format portraits and urban landscapes back in Berkeley, having a ton of fun :)