1. Portrait of David Alan Harvey in Provincetown, 2014

  2. "Based on a True Story" : innovative and beautiful book by David Alan Harvey #buybooksnotgear

  3. Signed copy of American Color 2 with Constantine Manos from Magnum (been part of it for over 50 years!)

  4. Another obligatory early morning sunrise. The most beautiful city in America. Provincetown, 2014

  5. Provincetown, 2014

  6. Provincetown, 2014

  7. Provincetown, 2014

  8. Provincetown, 2014 #magnumdays

  9. Constantine Manos catch phrases #magnumdays

  10. Woke up early today at 6am to do some early morning shooting in Provincetown. Selfie inspired by Lee Friedlander. Ready to go to first day of lecture and critique with Costa Manos, really excited! :) #magnumdays