1. Detroit, 2013


  2. Top 10 Street Photography Tips by Charlie Kirk

    Charlie Kirk shared his top 10 street photography tips at our Istanbul Street Photography Workshop:

    1. Take risks, take difficult photos, take many photos.
    2. Think before you take portraits.
    3. Know your light, know your camera, know your focal length.
    4. See the photo before you raise your camera.
    5. Seek or create clean backgrounds.
    6. Look 3 meters and further away, anticipate with your feet.
    7. Shoot what is interesting irrespective of the place.
    8. Don’t get in each others photos. Don’t take the same photo as someone else.
    9. If you find a good spot, wait. Be patient.
    10. Shoot head on. Don’t be scared.

  3. Jerry Pena’s Bessa R4M: great budget rangefinder, and I love the viewfinder!

  5. Ready for Istanbul! 20 rolls of Portra 400 and my Leica MP ready to rock and roll :)

  6. Just got my copy of Jesse Marlow’s new book : “Don’t just tell them, show them.” Only 1000 of them printed, pick up your copy here : http://www.jessemarlow.com/books/

  7. Photos copyrighted by Richard Kalvar / Magnum Photos

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  8. Epic printing notes for the famous Dennis Stock photo of James Dean!

  9. Hit the streets of NYC with me and Jerry Pena in the video above!

  10. Photos copyrighted by Jeff Mermelstein

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